…and 2 works from the twisted mind of director Guy Maddin:

Careful (Special Edition) (1992)

Internationally acclaimed cult director Guy Maddin scales new heights of cinematic strangeness in ‘Careful, ’ a weird, funny and unforgettable parable of sexual repression set in an Alpine village. Bizarre warnings are what the good people of Tolzbad live by. For instance, they must never utter loud sounds lest they cause an avalanche. Sound is not the only thing that must be suppressed, however. For Tolzbad is a hotbed of repressed desires, Oedipal angst, and sibling rivalry. And, it only takes one young man’s incestuous dream to trigger an emotional avalanche replete with suicides, ghostly visions, forbidden romances and murder.

No details about the print, other than that it’s in color. Extras include an audio commentary by Guy Maddin and Writer George Toles, and Waiting for Twilight, a 60 minute docmentary about Guy Maddin and his work.

Also from Guy Maddin is Tales From The Gimli Hospital (Special Edition) (1988)

Set during a smallpox epidemic in the village of Gimli, Manitoba, near the turn of the century, ‘Tales from the Gimli Hospital’ is a dreamlike film that explores the jealousy and madness instilled in two men who share a hospital room ‘in a Gimli we no longer know.’ The two men, Einar (Kyle McCulloch) and Gunnar (Michael Gottli) are friends at first, until they share their darkest secrets. Tales of creeping pestilence, unconsummated passions, reckless envy and necrophilia are told, climaxing in a deadly battle between the two patients, now rivals. Does a better world await these two lost souls on Earth–or in Heaven?

The print is a Full-frame(1.33:1) digital transfer, approved by the director, in B&W with color tints. Extras include an audio commentary by Guy Maddin. Also included are 2 short films from the same director: The Dead Father (1986, 25min.) about a young man’s inability to cope with sudden appearances of his recently deceased dad, and Hospital Fragment (1988, 4min.), a tale of sexual give-and-take from the haunted Gimli universe.

All of the above discs will be available on October 17th, and will carry a suggested retail price of $29.95.

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