Anchor Bay issues a message regarding Limited Edition Tins

Anchor Bay Entertainment is a company that strives to put out pleasing product for their customers. There are, apparently, some folks who’ve purchased the Limited Edition Tins who have been less than pleased with the packages. So, in keeping with a desire to meet customer satisfaction, Anchor Bay has posted this note regarding the tins…

This message is being sent out due to numerous requests and comments made on
the Internet regarding our Limited Edition tins.

We are very pleased that the reaction has been as positive as it has been and that collector’s are enjoying them. However we have noted that many people are dissatisfied with the Jewel case housing for the DVD inside the tin packaging. We understand that many of you out there like to keep a uniform look to your collection and we are going to be making a change in the way our 2001 tins house the DVD so as to allow for an alternate packaging/case in the tin.

However in the meantime, if anyone who has purchased one or more of our tins would like the keepcase insert sleeve for the title or titles you have purchased a tin of, please send your name, telephone number, address and the title(s) you need a sleeve for.

Send it to:

Only one sleeve per title per person is allowed! This is only for the sleeve itself, not the keepcase. Please note that the Repo Man and Hellraiser sleeves that will be mailed will be for the movies only. The ‘Repo Man’ soundtrack and Hellbound: Hellraiser II sleeves are not available at this time.

Note: The sleeves can only be sent to residents of the U.S. & Canada since we are not allowed to sell our products outside of these regions.

Bravo, Anchor Bay, for keeping tabs on the wishes of all your customers….

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