Analog’s new chip decodes all sound formats

Analog Devices, Inc. (NYSE: ADI) today announced the industry’s first single-chip decoder/post-processor for THX(R) Surround EX(TM), DTS(R)-ES Extended Surround(TM) and Dolby(R) Digital.

The new Melody(TM) decoder post-processes THX Surround EX on the same chip as it decodes either DTS or Dolby Digital. The Melody decoder/post-processor is based on a 32-bit programmable SHARC(R) DSP (Digital Signal Processor). As part of the Melody family, the new decoder will enable future A/V receivers, PC audio cards and set-top boxes to process-in the same product-all of the leading audio algorithms: THX and THX Surround EX, DTS(R), Dolby Digital, Dolby Headphone and Dolby(R) Pro Logic(R), HDCD(R), MPEG1 Audio Layers 1, 2 and 3 (MP3), MPEG2, Surround Sound and Stereo.

‘The availability of a single chip for these technologies means that more consumers will be able to enjoy the benefits they deliver,’ said Mark Paddack, sales and licensing manager, the THX Group of Lucasfilm Ltd. ‘We’re especially pleased that this development will broaden the market for THX Surround EX, making it easier than ever for people to take full advantage of THX Surround EX soundtracks.’

‘The Melody single-chip THX Surround EX/DTS-ES Extended Surround/Dolby Digital decoder/post processor reduces the cost of designing and manufacturing an audio product – be it an A/V receiver, audio pre-processor, set-top box or high-end PC add-on card-by decoding these algorithms on a single chip,’ said Mike Haidar, general manager, Software & Systems Technology Division, Analog Devices. ‘Our programmable, 32-bit decoder will be the choice for THX Surround EX, since it also simultaneously decodes both of the leading digital audio encoding formats. We designed our Melody decoders to be flexible, in response to the rapidly evolving nature of the audio market, so that every new standard does not require a redesign, can be field-upgradeable to handle future audio technologies, and our customers can future proof their product designs.’

Shipments of the Melody single-chip THX Surround EX decoder begin in 30 days.

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