A follow-up announcement from Anchor Bay regarding Limited Edition Tins

We’ve just received a message from Anchor Bay Entertainment in regards to their message that we posted earlier in the day. They’ve asked us to please post this follow-up:


Earlier today we put out a statement regarding our offer to send those who wanted keepcase sleeves for the titles they purchased in the Limited Edition Tins. However, we have received nearly 2500 requests for the various sleeves in just a few hours, that we have determined that there is no way we can feasibly fufill the requests at this time.

We are sorry that many of you were dissatisfied with the DVD’s internal housing in the tin, and as was previously stated, we will be making changes to our future standard size tin releases. In addition, legal reasons are preventing us from posting our full sleeves on the web for download, which many of you had also requested. We will possibly look into another solution for the current tins/sleeve situation in the near future.

Please accept our apologies for this, and we hope that you continue to enjoy our products in the future.

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