Toshiba releases first portable DVD player with progressive scan

Toshiba, a leading developer of innovative DVD technologies, is advancing its ‘entertainment everywhere’ strategy with its new ultra-portable SDP1000 DVD-Video player. The industry’s first portable DVD-Video player to incorporate Toshiba’s critically acclaimed ColorStream PRO (progressive scan technology for high quality video playback fidelity), the SDP1000 also features a PolySilicon thin-film matrix integrated widescreen (16:9) display. To enhance its utility and flexibility, the SDP1000 also doubles as a portable DVD-ROM drive with an optional ATAPI card attachment. In all, the unit provides compatibility with DVD-Video, CD, Video CD, DVD-ROM, CD-R and CD-ROM content.

The SDP1000 is designed to literally fit into the palm of the hand, with a flip-up LCD panel that makes it easy and convenient to view high-quality DVD movies and Video CDs anywhere. The unit’s 5.8-inch 800 x 640 polysilicon TFT display delivers bright, clean pictures. The unit’s progressive display offers a flicker-free image that’s very filmlike in nature with fewer motion artifacts and the virtual elimination of visible NTSC line structure. The high quality of the progressive video image and the lack of flicker virtually eliminates eye strain, a key consideration in a portable DVD player.

The SDP1000 is just 1 inch high, 7 7/8 inches deep and 5 5/8 inches wide and weighs just 1.5 pounds (2.5 pounds with battery). Users can enjoy DVD movies anywhere using the built-in active matrix LCD display and stereo speakers, or connect the player to any compatible display device for large-screen movie watching. A full complement of audio and video outputs makes it quick and easy to connect the SDP1000 to virtually any existing home theatre system. In addition to its ColorStream component video output, the SDP1000 features audio and video mini-plug outputs, a standard S-Video output, plus coaxial and optical digital audio output capability.

The SDP1000 features built-in stereo speakers for use as a stand-alone playback device, as well as a headphone jack with volume control. In addition, its Spatializer Headphone N-2-2T technology offers enhanced surround sound effects when listening through the player’s headphone outputs. Like Toshiba’s full-sized DVD players, the SDP1000 features Dolby® Digital and DTS® Digital Surround compatibility.

For the convenience, Toshiba’s intuitive icon-based on-screen display and compass/cursor easily controls all of the SDP1000’s performance features. The unit’s 140-minute lithium-ion battery (supplied) provides all the power necessary for viewing major blockbuster films anywhere, anytime. Additionally, the SDP1000 features Toshiba’s 4-power zoom, enabling viewers to select areas of the picture they wish to see more closely and magnify them by a power of four – another especially useful feature for small-screen viewing enjoyment. The SDP1000 will be available in September at a suggested retail price of $1,599.99.

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