New VC-8100 DVD-Video Changer Offers 300+1-Disc Capacity

Marantz America recently announced the introduction of its VC-8100 300+1-Disc DVD-Video Changer, the company’s first multi-disc DVD mega-changer and the first multi-disc DVD-Video player to receive THX® Ultra certification. The new VC-8100 is a high-end audio/video component that reportedly combines state-of-the-art video and audio performance with advanced operational convenience, featuring enhancements such as 10-bit video and 96kHz/24-bit audio D/A conversion, digital video noise reduction, a comprehensive disc management and search system, and much more.

The Marantz VC-8100’s 300+1-disc storage capacity is said to be the highest capacity available, allowing users to store an entire collection of DVD-Video, CD, CD-R and Video CD discs in a single unit measuring (in inches) 17 5/16 wide by 17 5/8 deep by 7 1/8 high. Once stored, discs can be accessed via the on-screen graphical control and disc management system. By connecting a standard computer keyboard or mouse, disc title and other information can be entered into the VC-8100’s memory in up to 20 user-definable video and audio categories, enabling the discs to be accessed using the VC-8100’s Disc Search function. Disc titles are also displayed on the front panel window, allowing selection of an audio CD without having to turn on the TV. The VC-8100 will retain its memory settings even if up to 30 discs are physically rearranged, and it offers a number of additional advanced convenience features, including a memory function that stores playback settings for favorite DVD discs.

The VC-8100 boasts a fast-loading mechanism which will retrieve and play any disc within seconds. If desired, a single disc also can be played by placing it into the VC-8100’s single-loader slot. In addition, two VC-8100s can be linked together, with a total capacity of 602 discs.

The unit offers both Dolby® Digital and DTS® Digital Surround™ compatibility, and includes both coaxial and optical digital outputs as well as analog outputs for Dolby Pro Logic® or stereo audio listening. The VC-8100 also features Virtual Dolby Digital and SRS TruSurround™ processing to create a surround sound environment using just the TV’s two built-in loudspeakers or a two-channel stereo system.

The VC-8100 offers the full complement of viewing options and interactive capabilities provided by the DVD-Video format. The Marantz VC-8100 also includes a host of convenience functions, including a new Variable Speed Scanning feature that provides smooth DVD playback at a number of forward and reverse speeds. The VC-8100 is also claimed to be extremely easy to operate, via its logical front panel layout with large window display and newly designed remote control, featuring glow-in-the-dark keys and a cursor control joystick. It includes a D-BUS remote connection that allows linkage to other Marantz components for integrated operation of a complete Marantz home entertainment system.

The Marantz VC-8100 carries a suggested retail price of $1,499.99 and is currently available.

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