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The roads leading to the home theater utopia continue to intersect every day., Inc. (ZapMedia), a media convergence technology company, today announced a partnership with Los Angeles-based, a leading broadband movie provider on the web, that provides ZapMedia subscribers an expanded library of video entertainment content, creating an unparalleled Internet-driven experience.

‘We continue to secure content and distribution partnerships that allow our customers access to premier music, movies and news. The relationship with MovieFlix will further increase the consumer’s product distribution choices. It’s about consumer control and offering our customers a true home theater experience,’ said ZapMedia chairman and CEO Ken Lipscomb.

The new alliance with gives consumers a broad array of media options. MovieFlix has developed and maintains a library of full-length movies, short films and independent films over the Internet via streaming video technology. Streaming technology allows for a better picture and sound quality without downloading an entire movie. ZapMedia users will be able to select from 250 on-demand movie titles.

With the click of a button people will receive music, movies, television, the Internet, and email using ZapMedia’s co-branded products and services. This total solution is portable across a variety of consumer electronics platforms, including home entertainment appliances, car stereos, cell phones, and Personal Digital Assistants, and enables synchronization with these devices. Consequently, consumers can access their multimedia assets anywhere, anytime from a ’Powered by ZapMedia’ device–turning nearly every possible technology appliance type, whether hand-held or installed– into a universal media player.

The ZapMedia Ecosystem consists of the following four parts:

ZapMediaEngine(SM) (`ZME’) – a media software engine embedded in the ZapStation that enables consumers to connect to the ZapMedia Portal and gain access to the world of multimedia entertainment through the features of the ZapStation(TM) device. In addition, this software is designed to port to other devices and systems that are supported by ZapAccess(SM) , extending the reach of the ZapMedia ecosystem.

ZapStation(TM) – an Internet-driven, consumer electronics device (CED) that plays CDs, DVDs, and MP3s and lets consumers connect to the ZapMedia Portal to purchase and enjoy music, movies, television, Internet radio stations, surf the Internet, send and receive e-mail messages, and set up play lists. The ZapStation(TM) features an MP3 jukebox, streaming audio/video player, CD/DVD player, audio and video jukebox, storage for up to 10,000 MP3 songs or storage for up to 30 hours of digital video, an easy-to-use remote control driven television interface and an optional wireless keyboard.

ZapAccess(SM) – a service that allows consumers to access their media content from through a ZapStation(TM) or any other Zap-enabled device. It further enables consumers to synchronize their assets between the ZapStation(TM) and

ZapMedia Portal – a common point of access to the digital multimedia for which consumers have purchased or rented the digital rights with access to a universe of new media as vast as the Web. Once consumers enter the portal, they can select the multimedia content they want to view or hear and ‘stream’ it to ZapStations(TM) and other Zap-enabled devices. In addition to music and video, consumers can also access up-to-the-minute information about such topics as: current events, finance, news, sports, weather, entertainment, etc.

Yeah, but where are the widescreen DVD pocketwatches?

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