Gizmo gears up for DTS encoding

Digital Theater Systems (DTS) today announced that Gizmo Enterprises, Inc. in New York City is now providing encoding services for film and music content in the DTS 5.1 Digital Sound audio format. Gizmo’s First DTS encoding project is a series of eight one-hour DVD surround releases for home video distributor, DVD International.

DTS is a 5.1 Surround Sound format that is popular in motion picture theaters around the world. All major consumer electronics manufacturers also feature DTS decoding technology in addition to Dolby AC-3 in their product lines. It is estimated that the installed base of DTS decoders in homes will grow to approximately five million by the end of the year. DTS is featured on more than 19, 500 motion picture screens worldwide, in a variety of products from all major consumer electronics manufacturers, in automobiles, in computers, on games for DVD-ROM, and on films and music for DVD and CD.

Gizmo principal Brian Machewich views the addition of DTS encoding as a natural extension of their Surround Mixing services. “Whether we are creating original surround mixes or re-mastering existing stereo tracks into a natural sounding surround environment, all of our DVD authoring clients require the final mix to be encoded in both surround sound formats.”

DTS Digital Surround encoding is the most recent addition to Gizmo’s Digital Data Services that include audio/video compression, encoding for Web distribution, DVD authoring, and CD-R mastering and replication. Machewich stated, ‘The addition of DTS enables us to satisfy the full range of audio requirements demanded by this rapidly growing market.’

The projects for DVD International involved audio tracks from classical music orchestral performances recorded in concert halls throughout Europe. The original stereo tracks were re-mixed into 5.1 surround sound, and Gizmo encoded the final mixes into both surround formats for DVD authoring.

‘As these are orchestral performances of well known classical compositions, quality sound reproduction is critical. The slightest flaw becomes very obvious with this type of material,’ stated Machewich. ‘Providing the encoding enables us to add an extra measure of quality control, guaranteeing faithful reproduction of the mix to the consumer. Our clients also appreciate the faster turnaround that results from encoding in-house.

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