First DVD Video Recorders to Hit Shelves This Fall

Good Guys (Nasdaq: GGUY), the nation’s second-largest specialty retailer of consumer entertainment electronics, today announced that it will be one of the first in the nation to offer Panasonic Consumer Electronics Company’s soon-to-be released DVD Video Recorder. The product is expected to be available in late September.

‘The DVD Video Recorder opens up a new realm of possibilities for digital enthusiasts and will push the DVD format deeper into the mainstream,“ said Rusty Osterstock, general manager of Panasonic’s DVD Division. Good Guys will offer the Panasonic DMR-E10 DVDVideo Recorder which will allow consumers to record high-quality images directly from their television, personal computer or digital camcorder and create their own DVDs using MPEG2 encoding with Hybrid VBR (variable bit rate) technologies. The product features Dolby® Digital 2-channel audio recording for true-to-sound audio reproduction as well as imaging capabilities to improve the picture quality of old VHS videotapes and other recordings.

Says Cathy A. Stauffer, vice president of merchandising at Good Guys, ‘With the Panasonic DVD Video Recorder our customers will have the ability to easily record and store video on DVD-RAM discs and transfer previous recordings, greatly expanding the capabilities and practicalities of the DVD format…”

Promising news, indeed, but equally important is how much will it cost?

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