DigitalPupil uses DVD as high-tech portfolio for industry aspirants

DigitalPupil, the Los-Angeles-based business solutions provider, has created ShowReel DVD, a new presentation method to replace the video compilation reel currently used to present the work of creative professionals to prospective clients. Designed primarily for film, television and commercial production companies and agents, ShowReel DVD is being marketed directly to actors, directors, photographers, and art directors. ShowReel DVD combines audio, video, still photographs and printed material into a seamless multimedia presentation that is much more compelling than a simple video or portfolio book. DVD’s crisp images also make it an ideal replacement for still photographers’ portfolios.

The DVD format provides more flexibility than the traditional videotape. Every segment on a ShowReel DVD is instantly and directly accessible. A resume, biography, filmography or headshot is just one click away. ‘You don’t have to fast forward through three car commercials to get to the jeans spot anymore,’ said Charlotte Gimfalk, co-founder and President of DigitalPupil.

ShowReel DVD producer and DVD author Jean Louis Darville is excited by the potential of the DVD’s increased storage capacity and the non-linear access to its contents. ‘All your work is on one source with seamless multimedia combinations: commercials, movie clips, behind the scenes footage, TV excerpts, music videos, interviews, stills, graphics and print. That it’s all interactive means its fun and timesaving,’ said Darville. Additionally, ShowReel provides direct links to the artist’s website, where the prospective client can see the latest additions to the artist’s reel, or effortlessly e-mail them regarding their availability to work.

Footage on a ShowReel DVD can be shown letterboxed or full screen and can also be customized to include multiple subtitles or languages. Also, with DVD there’s no conversion necessary from NTSC to PAL before prospective European clients can view your reel. Since the DVD format has become the standard for new desktop and laptop computers since 1999, ShowReel’s video plays on almost any computer in the world.

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