DDD reaches sky high for giant screen 3D

Dynamic Digital Depth Inc. (CDNX: DDE) and Sky High Entertainment have joined forces to distribute giant screen 3D movies to Windows and Macintosh PC users via the Internet, CD and DVD-ROM.

The trailer for Sky High’s latest giant screen 3D production, Ultimate G’s: Zac’s Flying Dream, will be formatted using DDD’s DeepSee™ process and available at ddd.com and Sky High’s Web site. It will be viewable in 3D using DDD’s free downloadable plug-in for Apple QuickTime.

‘Ultimate G’s’ features the Air Combat Canada air show team racing through the Grand Canyon and Lake Powell. DDD plans to reformat the feature length production and make the PC and Mac versions available to audiences at giant screen venues.

‘There is a limited amount of quality stereo 3D content available, and the highest quality 3D is available in large format or location-based venues,’ said Carl Samson, President of Sky High Entertainment. ‘Working with DDD gives us the opportunity to deliver our quality 3D productions to a broader audience.’

Founded in 1998 by Carl Samson, Sky High Entertainment produces large format and attraction ride films. The company currently has two projects under production, with the next release slated for September 2001.

DDD is transforming the visual experience by bringing 3D to mainstream entertainment. The company’s patented DeepSee technologies provide solutions for converting 2D material to stereo 3D and transmitting 2D compatible 3D™ content via the Internet, television, DVD and CD.

Sounds fun, but how do we download those funky glasses?

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