Complete Post DVD Center expands its horizons to include marketing

The Complete DVD Center has experienced rapid advancement propelled by increasing traffic and the introduction of new services that assist clients in the branding and promotion of their upcoming DVD releases. Now, in addition to the facility’s service to specialty titles, Complete DVD also provides marketing services that utilize the Internet’s focused resources to heighten awareness of client’s upcoming DVD’s. The outreach strategy is targeted to an audience of films buffs eager for more trivia and behind-the-scenes production information about their favorite motion pictures.

Steve Gustafson, Vice President of the Complete Post DVD Center, is spearheading the group’s expansion into the marketing realm. Gustafson has played an integral part in managing the creation and production of such successful DVD titles such as ‘Saving Private Ryan’ and ‘The Prince of Egypt’ while at DreamWork’s Home Entertainment division. Since joining Complete in January of this year, Gustafson has been building upon his industry insights and experience by working with various web-based DVD news publications to increase awareness of both the DVD pre-mastering process and client specific titles that can benefit from internet exposure.

When facing the media options available, Gustafson quickly focused on the internet, ‘We have chosen to work with online publications because the internet is instantaneous and it is by far the strongest place for our clients to promote their product. There is a large correlation between people that are online and the consumers who purchase DVD’s. Online retailers are responsible for large numbers of DVD sales and I believe that those numbers will continue to rise.’

The first project to benefit from Complete’s new online marketing and awareness service is a Miramax licensed title, The Beyond, (click here for our news release) for Anchor Bay Entertainment. Gustafson chose to debut their service with Anchor Bay due to the studio’s reputation for releasing high quality specialty titles that emphasize attention to detail such as SuperGirl, Army of Darkness and Halloween. Featuring substantial amounts of supplemental programming, the title is one of Complete’s most complex DVD authoring productions to date requiring many conversions and elaborate menu default settings. For ‘The Beyond’, Complete is working with two online DVD news publications. DVD File overviews the technical aspects of DVD creation throughout the entire process of compression, authoring, quality control and graphics creation. DVD Review presents behind the scenes facts and stories such as interviews with a film’s creators, as well as interesting notes on the film’s history and other little known pieces of information.

Under Gustafson’s leadership, the Complete DVD Center has experienced excellent results catering to both the work of major studios and the special needs of independents and genre films. One of the most successful development strategies that Gustafson has spearheaded is servicing the needs of specialty titles such as sci-fi, horror, urban or underground films.

Check in with us often as we bring you even more exclusives as a result of this collaboration.

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