All-in-One Solution for Capturing, Editing and Authoring Content for DVD

Sonic Solutions announced today that Melco Inc. (BUFFALO), one of Japan’s largest supplier of computer peripherals will bundle Sonic’s DVDit! authoring software with their MEG-VC2 MPEG-2 video capture board.

DVDit! is the industry’s best-selling DVD authoring application. With DVDit!, customers using Melco’s MEG-VC2 board can easily and quickly convert their videos to MPEG-2 format and then produce professional quality DVDs.

Part of Melco’s BUFFALO line of products, MEG-VC2 allows users to save video libraries in MPEG-2 digital video. Because it is a hardware-based solution, the MEG-VC2 encoding engine offers greater image quality than software encoding and provides access to the full capabilities of the encoder without requiring the fastest, most powerful PC. With the added functionality provided by DVDit!, users can directly author DVDs and play them back on PCs or set-top players. Since DVDit! supports Sonic’s cDVD technology, short DVD-Video titles can be recorded onto standard CD-ROMs and then played back on any of the hundreds of millions of PCs equipped with high speed CD-ROM readers.

‘With the growing demand for digital cameras, home video recorders, multimedia PCs and Sonic’s DVDit! authoring software, more and more home users are turning to products that will allow them to capture, edit and distribute their movies with the best possible quality,’ said Mr. Yasuhiro Takaoka, General Manager, Graphic Systems Division at Melco. ‘By combining Sonic DVDit! with our new MEG-VC2 capture board we will provide our customers with an integrated, easy-to-use solution at an attractive price that will make DVD authoring accessible to more people.’

‘With millions of DVD-equipped PCs and set-top players on the market, DVD is the most exciting new distribution format for high-quality digital video,’ said James Manning, DVDit! Product Manager at Sonic Solutions. ‘Customers who purchase the MEG-VC2 and DVDit! bundle can create and distribute DVD video productions on CD and DVD more easily and affordably than ever. We believe Sonic DVDit! will be the perfect complement to Melco’s MEG-VC2 capture board.’

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