Al Pacino’s next co-star is a CGI ‘Actress’

Though not directly DVD-related, we thought our readers would appreciate this interesting bit of news.

Applying new technology to an old problem, writer-director Andrew Niccol (writer of The Truman Show) has decided to go completely CGI for the title character in New Line Cinema’s live-action feature Simone.

The ‘actress’ will star opposite Al Pacino, who plays a Hollywood film producer in the project, which centers on a young woman who becomes a movie star almost overnight and how it changes her life.

Niccol decided to computer-generate his female protagonist after failing to find a sufficient lead when several young, up-and-coming actresses auditioned for the role of Simone. (I’m sure there are MANY actresses who will take exception to this!)

Sources said Niccol was so impressed by the computer-generated effects in Sony’s Final Fantasy: The Movie that he decided to incorporate the same device in his film, slated to shoot next month.

‘…Fantasy’, which creates surprisingly lifelike actors through special effects, is the handiwork of producer Jun Aida’s Honolulu-based Square USA. The film is based on a popular videogame from Japanese parent Square Co.

The possibilities are…well, a bit frightening to say the least. Imagine Max Headroom in a Taxi Driver remake: ‘YYYYou tttttalkin’ to mmme?’

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