ADV Films acquire Farscape

Independent DVD publisher ADV Films has just recently acquired the home video rights to Farscape, the SciFi Channel’s best rated show, from the Jim Henson Company.

The time is the 20th century, but the setting is far from Earth, about 1,000 galaxies away to be exact. Astronaut John Crichton is hurled to an alien battlefield during an experimental space mission gone awry. There, he meets three escaped prisoners and Aeryn Sun, a former Peacekeeper officer who was deemed “Irreversibly Contaminated” by her commander after her contact with the prisoners. Crichton joins them on their mission to find their home planets, while at the same time running from Captain Crais and the Peacekeepers, Crais’ fierce military regime.

“Farscape” impressions can be seen across the country in products already on the market. These products include action figures, collector card games, role-playing games, trading cards and a novel series. T-shirts, hats, key chains, photos and other collectibles are also on the market, including an exclusive Aeryn Sun figure, which is available through Another Farscape is now part of SciFi’s stellar Friday night programming block, aired in 52% of all U.S. households.

No details have been announced in which time frame the series will be released on video or DVD, but given the success of the series, a release early next year appears to be realistic.

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