A demonstration and a price for the first DVD Recorder

As we reported on August 4th, several retailers are gearing up to sell the first DVD recorders for home use. J&R Music and Computer World, a national consumer electronics superstore, was center stage for the United States introduction of the DMR-E10 DVD Recorder from Panasonic. Hundreds of people gathered at J&R’s retail location in New York City as a Panasonic representative put it through its paces. The crowd seemed impressed by the quality of the image.

‘DVD recorders will redefine home theater entertainment,’ says Mark Hirsch, Manager of J&R’s Audio/Video Outlet. ‘Before this, the only home theater device that could record video was the VCR, the quality of which just doesn’t cut it for many in the digital age.’ Panasonic’s new DMR-E10 is the first consumer device to use high-quality MPEG2 video technology to record onto blank DVDs.

The new DVD recorder features include three recording modes, a built-in Dolby Digital Decoder, Progressive Scanning for DVD movie playback, Direct Navigator to quickly find desired recordings, editing functions, and on-screen menus. The home theater DVD recorder will be available for sale at the end of August, and will have a retail price of $3,000.

Phew! And we were afraid this might be expensive…

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