Spruce Technologies introduces automated DVDTransfer System

Spruce Technologies today introduced DVDTransfer, the world’s first standalone system for automatically transferring video directly to DVD. The turnkey package is making its debut at the DVDPro 2000 Conference and Expo, Booth 201, Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport, Burlingame, CA.

“Clients are increasingly specifying that post houses deliver dubs of spots and programs on DVD,” said John Shike, Director of Marketing. “Many of our customers also have a growing need to transfer their massive video libraries to DVD for permanent archiving. Previously this meant tying up a valuable DVD authoring workstation and a skilled compressionist for countless hours to facilitate this otherwise routine operation. With DVDTransfer, a very simple GUI enables anyone to click on a few options and press Start. The system was specifically designed to be run by non-technical staff and requires almost no training. Using DVDTransfer, making the DVD dub is as easy as using a VTR.”

DVDTransfer was designed to meet the broad range of applications that require an efficient and simple process of transferring video to DVD including film and video dailies, client copies of commercials, conversion of home movies and videos, and video archiving. DVDTransfer allows output directly to DVD-R for immediate results, to DLT for replication and to hard drive as a disk image. Replication facilities can also use DVDTransfer to encode video footage to DLT or even directly to a finished glass master without an intervening authoring process. DVDTransfer can automatically insert chapter points at user-selected intervals and create either play once or looping titles.

DVDTransfer is sold as a turnkey system that features DVDTransfer software and the renowned Spruce MPX3000 video and audio encoder housed in a rackmount chassis. The DVD-R option is used in most applications. Pricing for DVDTransfer systems begins at $29,950.

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