Sonic Solutions’ eDVD debuts with InterActual Player 2.0

Sonic Solutions (Nasdaq:SNIC) today announced at the DVD Pro 2000 conference that its eDVD technology, which seamlessly connects DVD and the Web, will use InterActual Technologies Inc.“s new 2.0 player and engine technologies. The new eDVD player application will be included as an output option in all Sonic DVD authoring applications. InterActual’s player is the only multi-platform solution that seamlessly combines the high-bandwidth video of DVD with the immediacy of the Internet in a single browser.

”InterActual’s cross-platform technology will give our users tremendous flexibility in delivering fully-compatible eDVD content,“ said Giles Baker, product manager for DVD Creator at Sonic Solutions. ”This is the only solution that ensures that DVD developers can create web-enabled titles that will play in any environment: Mac, PC or Internet-connected set-top.’

Sonic eDVD implements the Hollywood standard for linking web content with the DVD format. It gives authoring facilities the power to create compelling web-connected DVD content without having to code in HTML or Java. By simply adding a URL to a DVD menu button or within motion video, eDVD authors can enable web-connected viewers to easily jump to a web site. Using an integrated XML engine, Sonic’s DVD authoring applications automatically convert URLs and other web events into XML code that is compiled by the integrated InterActual DVD engine into the runtime software required for the PC and Mac platforms. This runtime, automatically included in each eDVD title made, ensures web-connected playback on all platforms.

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