New version of The Exorcist finally receives wider theatrical run

Some time ago we reported that director William Friedkin has been working on an extended version of his classic horror film The Exorcist. Completed, this new version of the film had been screened in very select cities a few weeks ago but it remained uncertain if this new cut of the horror film that changed the world would ever received a wide release so that all fans around the country would get the chance to see this chilling masterpiece in its renewed glory.

Now, Warner Brothers has announced that on September 22 this new version of “The Exorcixt, ” which includes more than one full reel of additional footage, will indeed see a wider theatrical release. Fans in the greater New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas, Boston, Toronto and Washington, D.C. areas will be able to see he film in select theaters.

“The Exorcist – The Version You’ve Never Seen” has been digitally remastered and work has also been done on the film’s audio track, implementing additional new sound effects and new music for the added scenes. The biggest transformation of the soundtrack its remix to a full six chnnel surround presentation.

This new theatrical release of the film – which is expected to be followed by a DVD release towards the end of this year – has also received a new boosted-up website that can be found at It features multimedia elements, never-before-seen images, video footage and interviews with the creators of the film.

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