MGM Home Entertainment announces the next James Bond Collection

Today, MGM Home Entertainment just released some first details about the third James Bond Collection, which slated for release on October 17. MGM has formed a joint venture for the promotion of this third release batch of Bond movies with the upscale “Millionaire” magazine. Magazine subscription forms for “Millionaire” will be included in all VHS tapes and DVDs of the James Bond Collection.

The third James Bond Collection will include completely remastered versions of Diamonds Are Forever with Sean Connery, From Russia With Love with Sean Connery, Octopussy starring Roger Moore, You Only Live Twice featuring Sean Connery, A View To A Kill starring Roger Moore and The Living Daylights with Timothy Dalton. All films will of course get the Special Edition treatment and contain commentary tracks, featurettes and countless other extras, just as the previous discs form the series.

We will of course bring you more detailed content information once it becomes available.

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