Media 100 announces iFinish DVD Edition to tie the Internet and DVD together

Media 100 Inc. (NASDAQ:MDEA), a provider of software, systems and services for streaming media on the Internet, today unveiled the iFinish DVD Edition for professional DVD production. The iFinish DVD Edition includes the ability to easily create broadcast-quality video integrated with the industry’s most advanced real-time MPEG-2 file creation capability and is the only DVD production solution in-a-box available that provides the control, quality and real-time performance of a complete professional DVD production workflow.

The iFinish DVD Edition is built upon Media 100’s award winning iFinish product line, the most intuitive, easy-to-use systems for creating the highest quality Internet streaming media and interactive DVD titles. The iFinish DVD Edition includes a new version of DVD authoring software from Sonic Solutions, DVDit! PE (Professional Edition), that combines with the real-time MPEG-2 capability of iFinish to enable rapid, professional-level DVD authoring. In addition to providing 99 menus, professional mastering support, Dolby encoding and widescreen video support, DVDit! PE also supports cDVD(TM), a revolutionary format that allows users to produce DVD titles today using low-cost CD-R media that play back on virtually any PC with a CD-ROM drive.

iFinish is the world’s first streaming media production tool, and the premiere solution for professional web site designers and content creators developing dynamic streaming media content for delivery on the Internet, DVD and CD-ROM. iFinish supports input from virtually any video device or graphics application, allows easy creation of high-quality video and audio content, and supports output to all streaming media formats. It will be available in August 2000 with models priced from $6,490 to $18,490.

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