Man On The Moon

Man On The Moon

Submitted by Dan Mallory and Michael Patti

Universal Home Video has hidden some interesting additional clips on their release of the Andy Kaufman biopic “Man On The Moon” that are a treasure chest of authentic material for fans of the late comedian.

From the disc’s main menu, go to Andy’s biography in the “Bonus Materials.” If you go through the pages of biographical information, on some of them you will notice a small image of Andy
Kaufman at the bottom of the screen. You can select these images with your remote control by pressing the “arrow up” key, and if you press “Enter” after selecting one such image, you will get to
see some original footage of some of Kaufman’s most memorable feats.

You will find live performances of the Animal Song, the entire Jerry Lawler Match as well as a series of clips that built up to it, and some other funny Lawler stuff here, as well as a commercial for Bob Zmuda’s “Andy Kaufman Revealed” book. If you’ve seen the movie, you don’t want to miss these original clips that show you just how close Jim Carrey and the film portrayed these events.

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