I/OMagic ships the fastest DVD-ROM drive with industry’s first 16x DVD

I/OMagic Corp. (OTCBB: IOMC), a developer and marketer of peripheral PC products, just announced that it recently
released the industry’s first 16X DVD-ROM drive into the retail marketplace. The MagicDVD 16X reads all popular DVD and CD formats and features transfer rates of up to 21.6MB/sec for DVD-ROM data and up to 6MB/s for CD data.

I/OMagic began shipping the MagicDVD 16X to CompUSA, Best Buy and MicroCenter Superstores in June of 2000.

I/OMagic develops and markets a variety of peripheral PC products designed to allow connectivity and increase the functionality of both portable and desktop computers. Product categories include Optical Storage drives, Digital Imaging units, Multimedia/Adapter cards and Input/Output products. The company sells its many products through nationally recognized computer retail outlets.

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