Dreamworks finally announces American Beauty for release in October

As expected, just in time with VSDA, Dreamworks Home Video has just released detailed information about the upcoming DVD release of their Academy Awarded film American Beauty on October 24.

As we had previously pointed out, the DVD was withheld from the movie’s original video release in order to allow the studio and the filmmakers enough time to create a full-fledged special edition. As a result the DVD that will hit the streets in October will feature a number os supplements, such as a commentary track by director and writer Sam Mendes, as well as scriptwriter Alan Ball. A featurette, screenplay access, storyboards, Production notes and other features will also be part of this release.

We have prepared the original press release from Dreamworks for your own reading pleasure, which contains all the exact details and information about this eagerly awaited release, so please click here to take a look.

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