Submitted by Matt Donga

Image Entertainment has hidden some interesting hidden features on their Special Edition release of the fantasy adventure “Dreamscape.”

On the main menu you can access a feature called “Monster!” which brings up a shot of a snake monster lunging at the screen. This creature is secretly hidden in five other areas in the disc’s menu screens.

In the Chapter Selections, access the screen with Chapters 9-12, then highlight the “Main Menu” entry and press the “Down” arrow key on your remote control.

Also in the “Chapter Selections, ” go to the screen with chapters 13-16, highlight Chapter 14 and press the arrow “Up” key.

Even further in the “Chapter Selections,” highlight chapter 20 (End Credits) and press the “Right” arrow key.

Or you can go to the “Special Features” screen, highlight the menu entry “Dreamscape Slide Show” and press the “Left” arrow key.

Finally, you can go to the “Audio Selection” in the “Special Features” section, highlight “Dolby Digital 5.1” and press “Right.”

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