Digital Leisure to release Kingdom II: Shadoan on DVD

Take a ride into a new fantasy world from the comfort of your living room and see yourself in the midst of adventure, as you become Lathan Kandor exploring an intricate and vibrant new J.R.R. Tolkien-like world that Digital Leisure will bring to DVD with the release of Kingdom II: Shadoan.

Gather the five missing pieces of the magic amulet, with its awesome power destroy the evil wizard Torlock, and reunite with your love, Princess Grace Delight. Shadoan, the winner of the Parent’s Choice Approval Award and the Compact Disc Interactive Association Award for “Best Children’s Title“”, also offers a Parental Guidance Mode giving parents to ability to adjust the level of cartoonish fighting and
effectively changing the game between PG and G. The intricate animation of more than 70,000 hand-painted cells combined with the intensive use of 5.1 six-channel DTS sound mix, the first video game in history to adopt the process, the same process as used in the Blockbuster Hollywood movie, Titanic, allows the player to find themselves immersed in the fantasy world displayed before them on their home DVD movie player or DVD-ROM.

Created by Rick Dyer, the co-creator of Dragon’s Lair and Space Ace, Shadoan features over 250 locations for Lathan Kandor to pursue in his quest of the magic amulet and return of his fair princess. Shadoan is a leader in the marriage between interactive multimedia titles and Hollywood. The Ballad of Shadoan, sung by Julie Eisenhower, cracked the top 30 of Adult Contemporary charts. The 30 completely original song musical tracks were written and arranged by the same musical talents known for their arrangements of Beauty and the Beast and Pochahontas. With the intense music and sound, Shadoan has achieved many DVD firsts including offering closed captioning for the Hearing-Impaired and Voice Recognition.

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