ADV Films will release ReBoot Collection in November

ADV Films is excited to present to you one of the greatest 3-D animation titles ever produced, ReBoot. Ever wondered what happened inside your computer when you switch it on? Step into the 3D computer animation world of ReBoot and the city of Mainframe where our heroes Dot, Enzo, Mouse, AndrAIa, and Phong are fighting to defend their world from the evil virus, Megabyte and his deviant sister, Hexadecimal.

On November 14, ADV will begin releasing Season 3 of “ReBoot” with the first 4-episode volume of this outstanding series. The entire video collection will consist of the original 16 episodes from the third season and will be made available on both VHS and DVD formats. “ReBoot”, which was recently acquired from Mainframe, Inc. originally aired on ABC, and is now running 5 nights a week on the Cartoon Network. Mainframe, Inc. is also the producer of other 3D computer animated titles, including “Weird-Oh’s” and “War Planets” (also known as “Shadow Raiders”). ADV Films has acquired these titles as well, and will be releasing them on VHS and DVD within the next year.

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