Universal reveals some details about a Legend in the making

A long time ago we had already told you that Ridley Scott’s fantasy epic Legend will be making a DVD debut some time through Universal Home Video. The problem with this movie is that there are various cuts in existence, two separate music scores and of course all of them in varying stages of deterioration, which means in inconsistent levels of quality. Universal has been mulling the movie around for a long time, trying to find out the best way to tackle this film, especially to ensure that the movie’s fans are happy with the result.

Although details about the production are vague still to say the least, some information surfaced. Universal made mention that they are actively working on the DVD and have director Ridley Scott collaborating on the release. Universal indicates that the film and music combination that will be made available on the DVD has never before been seen in the US. From sources close to the project we have been informed that Universal is actually trying to incorporate all existing cuts, including the extended Director’s Cut, of the film in the DVD – supposedly using branching to allow for the different versions – and will also make both music scores available to the fans. The Tangerine Dream sound track has been remastered and it appears as if the Jerry Goldsmith score is also on its way to make an appearance on the DVD.

We’ll keep you posted when new information comes in.

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