The full details for Evil Dead 2, and a look at some cool tin packaging

On August 29, Anchor Bay Entertainment will release a special edition of Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn. This release that has been created with the direct involvement of actor Bruce Campbell himself, will finally give fans of the film the chance to see the movie in all its gory glory. With a brand new THX-certified anamorphic widescreen transfer and a remixed 5.1 Dolby Digital audio track, this disc will knock your socks off. Apart from the film itself, the disc will also contain a number of exciting supplements, like the featurette “The Gore The Merrier,” a preview for the “Evil Dead: Hail To The King” video game, the movie’s theatrical trailer, an extensive still gallery and talent biographies. The undisputed highlight of the disc will be the commentary track by director Sam Raimi, Bruce Campbell, co-writer Scott Spiegel and special effect artist Greg Nicotero. It is the same commentary track that can be found on the Elite Laserdisc, and one that is excellent in its quality and overall coverage of things.

But Anchor Bay will also release a limited edition of this film on August 29, which will come in a specially created tin box. Anchor Bay will actually release a number of films in such a tin packaging. Anchor Bay has now been good enough to make images of these tin boxes for a series of films available to us, so we are happy to give you a look at the limited editions of the upcoming The Beyond, Evil Dead 2, Halloween 5, Hellraiser, Repo Man and Let Sleeping Corpses Lie.

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