Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park movies finally make their DVD debut in September!

Universal Home Video just announced another two of the most anticipated movies for releaseo n DVD this fall. On October 10, we will finally get to see Steven Spielberg’s prehistoric action adventures Jurassic Park and The Lost World on DVD. Both titles will be released as Collector’s Editions with plenty of supplemental materials and alternatively with Dolby Digital or DTS audio tracks. The films will be presented in their orignal widescreen aspect ratios in anamorphic transfers. Including “Making Of” Documentaries, rare behind-the-scenes footage, animatics by Oscar-winning special effects creator Phil Tippett, production photographs, a dinosaur encyclopedia, storyboards, production notes, cast & filmmakers bios and theatrical trailers these releases will not doubt be highlights in every DVD Collection.

We have prepared the entire press release from Universal for your own reading pleasure, so please click here to take a look at all the details for these exciting announcements.

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