Sensory Science introduces new California Audio Labs CL-2500 DVD Player

Sensory Science Corporation (Amex: VCR) today announced the introduction of the new California Audio Labs CL-2500 DVD player, designed to accompany the CL-2500 Series system launched late last year to wide industry acclaim. Delivering the finest DVD video and audio, the new CL-2500 DVD was developed entirely from the ground up by Sensory Science’s talented team of digital engineers. The product is currently shipping to dealers throughout the United States.

The CL-2500 DVD has been developed by Sensory Science on the Mediamatics, “DVD-on-a-chip” solution called Pantera. This new platform allows for expanded operational and performance software and hardware to be tailored to the specific needs of the high-end market. The CL-2500 player combines state-of-the-art video picture quality with ground breaking audiophile performance, including “sample rate conversion” for the finest possible sound from music CD’s as well as DVD’s. The sample rate conversion feature of the CL-2500 DVD makes it possible for the user to select a higher “sampling rate and bit word length” that give a smoother, more refined sound to CD’s.

Designed to match the rest of the CL-2500 system, the DVD player is housed in a handsome, non-ferrous chassis with a black Lucite front panel display and a simple user interface. Media compatibility for the CL-2500 DVD includes: CD, CD-Extra, CD-R (CDDA), CD-R (MP3), VCD, SVCD, and VCD-R with DVD support for Dolby Digital, dts, MPEG and AES-3 digital audio outputs. The CL-2500 DVD includes component, S, and composite video outputs as well as bit-stream and PCM digital and a set of stereo analog outputs. The CL-2500 DVD also sports the CALNET, RS-232 serial interface for compatibility with today’s growing base of home networking products. Updates to the unit will be made available via a CD-R that automatically loads new navigational firmware into the player’s memory.

The CL-2500 DVD will retail for $2,500. The entire CL-2500 Series system also includes:

  • The CL 2500 SSP audiophile-quality surround sound A/V processor and controller
  • The CL 2500 VSW high-definition video switch, and
  • The CL 2500 MCA five-channel 500-watt per channel amplifier featuring a revolutionary zero voltage transition power supply

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