Sensory Science announces DVD and VCR dual-deck

Sensory Science Corporation today announced it will introduce the DVR-5000 combination DVD and VCR with enhanced features and capabilities for the ultimate in convenience and performance. The world’s first combination DVD and VCR in one, the DVR-5000 is the perfect combination product for consumers who wish to convert their living rooms into home theaters without having to purchase multiple components, and provides users with the ability to upgrade to a DVD without losing the compelling features and versatility of a VCR. The DVR-5000 is scheduled to begin shipping to retailers throughout the United States in August.

The numerous features on the DVR-5000 make this combination a compelling buy for both the experienced DVD enthusiast as well as the DVD newcomer. The unit has complete versatility to play DVDs, audio and video CDs, and VHS tapes, and users can watch a DVD while recording a TV program. RF inputs and outputs located on the back of the unit allow for connections to both new and older model
televisions, a feature not included on regular DVD players. Users also can record non-copy protected DVDs to VHS at the touch of one button.

The player contains a Dolby Digital® 5.1 channel surround sound decoder providing a robust surround sound experience, and also has dts digital output for dts-enhanced DVDs. Users can playback MP3 files on CD-ROM, and the unit is also compatible with CD-R. The DVD also features a 10-bit video digital to analog converter and 27MHz advanced digital filter for a superior picture, and component, S and composite video outputs for high connectivity and optimum performance.

In keeping with Sensory Science’s long history of producing VCRs, the DVR-5000 Hi-Fi VCR seamlessly integrates with the DVD and contains four heads for superior slow motion and stop action, and VCR Plus+ C3 for easy programming of the VCR, cable box, and satellite in one easy step. The VCR plays back S-VHS tapes at better than standard resolution and has a 16-event/one-year timer recording feature.

Other features of the DVR-5000 include a joystick remote with glow-in-the- dark keys to control both the DVD and VCR functions, A/V switching between the TV, DVD and VCR deck with the TV View button for ease of use, and the Auto Setup function that automatically sets the clock and searches for channels. A headphone jack with volume control is also included. The DVR-5000 will retail for $399.

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