Macrovision announces 525p Progressive Scan Copy Protection

Macrovision Corporation, the leading provider of video, multimedia and software copy protection as well as digital rights management technologies, announced today the implementation of its copy protection technology for higher resolution DVD playback with 525p progressive scan outputs. The 525p copy protection has now been licensed to Genesis Microchip Inc., JVC, Matsushita, Oak Technology Inc., and Pioneer Corporation.

The 525p progressive scan output operates at twice the scan rate of conventional 525 NTSC interlaced outputs and transmits twice as much information in a given period of time. For TVs, monitors or projection TVs with capability to display the higher scan rate, DVDs with 525p playback will produce pictures with less flicker and better resolution. Copy protection for 525p was developed in response to the rights holders’ need to protect movies and video content distributed on DVDs. It is a requirement under the licenses issued to player manufacturers by the DVD Copy Control Association (DVD CCA) which assumed the responsibility of licensing the Content Scrambling System (CSS) technology for the DVD Forum.

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