Judge disallows media presence in the next round of the DeCSS lawsuit

As the DeCSS lawsuit is going in its next round, U.S. District Judge Lewis Kaplan said during a hearing in the New York federal court that the press will not be allowed the depositions. After numerous news representatives had inquired for open depositions to pay justice to the public interest, Kaplan firmly stated that the presence of journalists would give both sides an additional reason to squabble over what is confidential or not and delay the start of the trial, which is scheduled to begin in July. Kaplan did say that deposition transcripts and videotapes should be released promptly and could be posted on the Internet, much to the chagrin of the MPAA member companies who are vehemently opposed to releasing any such information, particularly on the Net, saying that it was a publicity stunt by the opposing attorney.

Although the media will not be allowed inside the court room, it is obvious that enough information of the case will be made available as it progresses to make sure everyone interested can follow the case at their leisure.

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