Freddy’s back for Halloween – New Line to re-release A Nightmare On Elm Street

We had pointed out earlier already that New Line Home Video has obviously plans to re-release all seven films in their A Nightmare On Elm Street franchise later this year – as Halloween presents for DVD fans, so to say – and now we have been able to dig up some additional information for you. With the exception of the first film in the series, all movies have so far been only available as part of the glorious box set that was released last year. Now each film will be sold individually, but the interesting thing is, they will come in slightly different constellations than found in the box set.

New Line Home Video is using the individual release of the first movie as a template for these successive releases and as a result, each disc will feature the movie in its anamorphic widescreen glory, as well as in a fullscreen transfer. Like the discs form the box set, the discs will feature the same new 5.1 Dolby Digital re-mixes that are found on the versions of the box set. “A Nightmare On Elm Street” part 6, Freddy’s Dead will not contain the 3D version of the ending – that is still reserved for owners of the box set only. Down those same lines, all the cool content that was found on the bonus disc of the box set will of course be missing from the individual releases as well, and each disc contains only the trailer and cast biographies.

Last but not least, the individual releases of the films will receive different packaging artwork, which will utilize the keyart from the VHS releases instead of the original movie poster art that was used for the discs in the box set.

So if you weren’t interested in buying the entire box set because you like only selected films of the franchise, here comes your chance to bring Freddy home on DVD, although I still think that given the low retail price, the box set is still the better buy.

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