Edward Scissorhands wields his blades in September on DVD

On a number of occasions, we have been able to inform you that 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment is currently working on a release of the Tim Burton movie Edward Scissorhands later this year. Finally we have been able to find out some of the contents and features of the release that is currently scheduled for release on September 5.

“Edward Scissorhands” will come in an anamorphic widescreen presentation in the movie’s 1.85:1 aspect ratio and features 4.1 Dolby Digital track – rumors about a 4.0 audio are incorrect as the track does indeed feature a discrete subwoofer channel.

The DVD will also contain an audio commentary track featuring Tim Burton and Danny Elfman, a “Making Of” Featurette as well as an extensive gallery with concept art from the movie. The theatrical trailer and TV Spot will round off this release that is scheduled for September 5.

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