DVDEmpire.com upgrades server capacity to accommodate huge spike in traffic

With the installation of new servers in what is called a web farm, DVDEmpire.com, a leading online retailer of DVD movies, has doubled its server capacity in order to keep up with a huge spike in traffic and business. The announcement comes on the heels of a major shakeup in the DVD E-retailing market, in which a large video superstar chain shut down its e-commerce operations due to lack of funds.

DVDEmpire.com is reporting traffic increases around one hundred percent, and revenue increases above 40% in the last ten days, with the spike beginning prior to the Reel.com announcement.

“It just goes to show you that spending a bunch of money attracting people to your site doesn’t make good business sense if they don’t stick around and become repeat customers,” said Steve Negri, Director of Marketing for DVDEmpire.com. “We haven’t been spending millions on driving eyeballs; we’ve been focusing on delivering a quality customer experience, and it’s paid off for us in terms of customer satisfaction and repeat business.”

“We began seeing an increase in traffic a little more than 10 days ago,” said Erik Ross, VP of Operations for DVDEmpire.com. “Luckily, we began planning for this long before the announcement thinned out the competition. Our new web farm afforded us the load balancing capacity to handle the mass exodus of Reel.com customers to our site.”

Ross expects to increase server capacity by a further fifty percent within the next month in order to keep up with their expanding traffic. “This is an exciting time,” said Ross. “Customers are flocking to our site, and we want to make sure that we stay one step ahead of the game in terms of network architecture to ensure that every customer has a positive experience at DVDEmpire.com.”

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