Dario Argento’s Suspiria finally in the capable hands of Anchor Bay

And another hotly anticipated film has finally found a new harbor – and one that is good for DVD fans. Since Anchor Bay Entertainment had been releasing a large number of films by the Italian filmmaker Dario Argento over the past years, many have been wondering, why not his most acclaimed movie, Suspiria?

Unfortunately the rights to “Suspiria” had been tied up for the longest time. Fox Lorber owned the rights for some time but it eventually turned out that the studio’s rights were only limited to VHS releases of the movie. With that in mind, the good folks at Anchor Bay, including producer/director and intimate Argento-friend Bill Lustig, set out to find out what the exact legal status of the film is here in the US, and left no paper and no contract unturned to see the light.

Now it has finally paid off. Anchor Bay just informed us yesterday that the company has finally been able to acquire the DVD rights for the film that is considered by many as Argento’s masterpiece.

Given the importance of the movie, Anchor Bay now has plans to create a Special Edition of the movie that will feature its original uncut version in a new anamorphic widescreen transfer with a remixed audio track and interviews or a featurette.

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