Universal is Halloween – great Halloween celebration with Universal Home Video ahead

Universal Home Video has just announced its extensive Halloween celebration plans for this year. The program consists of a series of deals and specials. One of the most interesting is the Halloween Decoder Card. Over 3.5 million videos – and hopefully some DVDs – will be packaged with the Halloween Decoder Card, which reveals a secret prize when held up to the computer screen at www.universalthrillers.com.

Consumers merely log on to the site, register to enter and check their decoder card to indicate what prize has been won. A special code number imprinted on each card qualifies the winner and the prize won, which can be entered directly online. Thousands of prizes including clothing, posters, and premium items will be offered, with a trip to Universal Studios“ celebrated ”Halloween Horror Nights’ in 2001 as the Grand Prize. The Halloween Decoder Card promotion begins August 29 and extends through November 30, 2000.

Although the majority of the deals and promotions are limited to VHS releases, Universal confirmed the release of a few DVD titles that we had mentioned or the longest time. For Halloween, Universal will continue its acclaimed Classic Monster Collection and release special editions of Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein, The Creature from the Black Lagoon, The Phantom of the Opera, and The Invisible Man as part of the series, priced at $29.98 each. A Classic Monsters 8 Pack will also be made available for $199.98, all featuring the above-mentioned “Halloween Decoder Card.”

Although not details on these releases are currently made available, I am sure fans will be pleased to hear that these films are scheduled for release nevertheless.

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