Sonic Solutions sales of DVDit! top 75,000 unit mark

Sonic Solutions (Nasdaq:SNIC) announced today that sales of DVDit! have topped the 75, 000 unit mark. Coming less than two months after the sale of the 25,000th copy of DVDit!, the continued increase in sales demonstrates the market’s need for an affordable, simple-to-use solution for publishing video in the DVD-Video format.

Sonic DVDit! gives anyone who works with digital video the power to create stunning interactive DVD content on their PC. With the ability to simply drag-and-drop video and audio into the DVDit! application, design interactive menus and record the final content to DVD-RAM, DVD-R or CD-R/RW, Sonic DVDit! is being used by video producers, videographers and enthusiasts worldwide to publish
high-quality DVD versions of client presentations, merchandising and promotional materials, advertising comps, interactive training materials, multimedia presentations and even special events and weddings.

Sonic DVDit! is the easiest way to publish on DVD. Combining a simple and straightforward user interface with Sonic’s award-winning DVD formatting technology, DVDit! gives video professionals, graphic designers, artists and video enthusiasts the power to create stunning interactive DVD content on their PC.

DVDit! is compatible with AVI and QuickTime video files, so that virtually any video content – from DV to D1 – can be incorporated into a DVDit! project. With an intuitive interface, building DVD titles is as easy as selecting a menu background and then dragging and dropping an AVI, QuickTime or MPEG video file. DVDit! automatically builds buttons and interactivity, multiplexes and formats content and records to CD-R or DVD-R for playback in consumer set-top DVD players or DVD-equipped PCs. DVDit! can create interactive titles in DVD-Video, DVD-ROM, and cDVD(TM) formats.

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