Panasonic and SCM Microsystems announce USB-SCSI support for DVD-RAM

Panasonic and SCM Microsystems, Inc. announced today that SCM’s USB to SCSI Intelligent Cable supports Panasonic’s 5.2GB DVD-RAM drive. SCM interface technology provides the link OEMs and system integrators need to enhance today’s USB-equipped personal computers with the broad range of benefits Panasonic’s rewriteable DVD drive provides.

Using SCM’s low-cost interface technology, Panasonic SCSI-based DVD-RAM drives can be connected to an Apple iMac DV, a Power Mac G3 or G4, Linux systems — or any computer running Windows 98 SE or above that is equipped with a USB port. USB connectivity turns the DVD-RAM drives into true plug-and-play devices that can be attached to a Mac or PC without having to shut down or reboot the system. The drives mount automatically as soon as they are connected, eliminating time-consuming configuration that can drain reseller profits.

The feature-rich SCM USB-to-SCSI protocol converter allows users to support up to seven SCSI devices on a single USB port with transfer rates of up to 10MB/sec (fast synchronous), 7MB/sec (asynchronous). This performance, combined with the 5.2GB (double-sided disc) capacity of the removable, rewriteable media and a storage cost of only .008(cent)/MB make the Panasonic DVD-RAM drive ideal for a broad range of creative, business, medical, and academic applications.

More than 100 high-end graphics, non-linear editing, DVD authoring, medical imaging, 3D game, network and system backup applications as well as knowledge asset management products support the DVD-RAM drive in Windows, Mac and Linux environments. One of the keys to gaining this industry-wide support has been the drive’s full compliance with the DVD Forum DVD-RAM standard.

SCM’s USB to SCSI Intelligent Cables are available for immediate delivery to OEMs, system integrators and custom subsystem producers with volume pricing. The USB to SCSI Intelligent Cable is shipped with a choice of either a 50-way Micro D or DB25 connector. Panasonic’s OEM DVD-RAM drive, model LF-D101, is available as an internal drive with a SCSI-2 interface. OEMs can purchase the drive from Panasonic Industrial Company. Panasonic-branded internal and external DVD-RAM drives are available from Panasonic Document Imaging Company (PDIC). The internal drive, model LF-D103U, has an MSRP of $699. The external drive, model LF-D102U, has an MSRP of $799. DVD-RAM media, which is marketed under the Panasonic brand name, is available from several other leading manufacturers. The removable double-sided 5.2GB disc has an MSRP of $39.95. The 2.6GB single-sided media has an MSRP of $24.95 and is sold with a removable cartridge for playback on the latest Panasonic 5X, 6X and 8X DVD-ROM drives.

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