InterAct announces remote control for Playstation 2 – but where is the machine?

Although released in Japan already, Sony’s Playstation 2 will still take a little while until it will finally be available to the masses here in the US. nonetheless, developers and suppliers are busy at work already, creating and promoting product for this upcoming next generation video game console.

InterAct Accessories, Inc. for example has devised a wireless DVD remote to control the Playstation 2 DVD. InterAct’s Master DVD Remote with infrared transmission lets all those movie buffs sit back and relax while browsing through their favorite classics and new blockbuster hits.

InterAct’s wireless DVD Remote includes a sleek ergonomic design, 16 DVD function buttons, infrared remote, game port IR receiver, IR transmission indicator on IR receiver and an LED screen. In addition, InterAct’s Master DVD Remote operates at up to 23 feet and requires 2 AAA batteries. InterAct will be launching a full line of basic and enhanced accessories and controllers to hit retailers the day PS2 launches. Look for the Master DVD Remote in toy and electronic retailer’s nationwide beginning in September 2000 with a target MSRP of $19.99.

What’s a little amusing about InterAct’s press release on the subject is the fact that the company keeps stressing the word “wireless” as if it were something new. It may be a major salespoint for them, but the rest of the world has had wireless remote controls for quite some time, I assume. Nonetheless, I am sure many prospective Palystation 2 users who plan to use the console as a DVD player – and I know there are many – will be pleased to hear that they will not have to navigate their DVDs with a DualShock controller.

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