imix unveils library of exclusive rare films for DVD release and Beverly Wilshire Filmworks/Telefilms International Inc. today announced an exclusive agreement to offer first-ever personalized DVD content of rare unobtainable films to consumers. acquired more than 100 rare films which will soon be available to consumers for custom compilation on their fully personalized imixDVD product., formerly, has acquired films starring world renowned actors Jackie Chan, Charles Bronson, Jack Nicholson, Bruce Lee, Sidney Poitier and Jet Li among others which spans genres from martial arts to horror films to westerns. imixDVDs holding up to 180 minutes of content, or the average length of two films can be created and shipped within 24 hours.

imixDVD will provide customers with the opportunity to fully personalize their entertainment choices on DVD and the ability to select the content they want from film, television, sports and music video programming on a DVD.’s recently introduced imixDVD was the first personalized entertainment DVD product to the market. The imixDVD product launch featured an exclusive with another
superstar personality, Alanis Morissette, whose videos customers could select, compile and order title to their unique personal specifications on DVD. Only combines the latest digital entertainment format with a diverse and growing selection of content. empowers consumers with the ultimate choice of personalized entertainment.

“The acquisition of rare films further illustrates’s commitment to empower consumers with the ability to create their own personalized digital entertainment in whatever format they desire,“” said David Gould, CEO of “Constant leading edge content acquisition, Immediate On-Demand manufacturing and the convenience of being able to create and order your own custom product on our web site are the things that make us one of the leading providers of personalized digital entertainment.“”

“Beverly Wilshire Filmworks and Telefilms International are pleased and excited to be working with an innovator like We believe that on- line selection and delivery of customizable content will bring new opportunities to the movie industry as a whole, surpassing the advent of VHS video,“” said John Matarazzo, CEO of Beverly Wilshire Filmworks/Telefilms International, Inc. “’s visionary concepts represent a great leap forward in bringing custom crafted entertainment products into the homes of people around the world.“”

Customers will be able to create their own personalized imixDVD through’s extensive B2B distribution network of retail partners all with access to’s upcoming superstores of film library, music video, TV and sports programming to build imixDVDs.

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