Hide And Seek

Hide And Seek (1999)
Trimark Home Video
Cast: Daryl Hannah, Jennifer Tilly, Bruce Greenwood, Vincent Gallo
Extras: Trailer, Interview Clips

Can a film get any more obscure than this? I doubt it. Trimark Home Video’s release ’Hide And Seek’ is so obscure, you can’t even find an entry to the film in the Internet Movie Database. This is quite peculiar given the fact that Daryl Hannah, Jennifer Tilly and Bruce Greenwood star in this bold thriller to quite some effect. Impactful and oftentimes unsettling, ’Hide And Seek’ is the disturbing story of a young woman who is kidnapped by a deranged couple for their own private needs.

Trimark Home Video presents ’Hide And Seek’ in a non-anamorphic widescreen version, letterboxed at a 1.85:1 aspect ratio. The transfer is very clean and does not show any defects from the source print. Color reproduction is very good and natural looking, rendering faithfully looking fleshtones. Blacks on the release are solid without any signs of dot crawl and highlights are well-balanced to create a picture that has good contrast. The compression has been done very well and although the slightest signs of pixelation are evident in a few selected scenes, the presentation is mostly without distracting compression artifacts, leaving every bit of detail in the transfer intact.

The disc contains a 2.0 channel Dolby Digital audio track that is well produced. Without distortion or sibilance, the track has a natural quality and a rather good frequency response. Optional subtitles in English, French and Spanish are also part of the release. As bonus material you will also find the movie’s trailer and a number of interview clips on the DVD.

Although a little slow in its development, ’Hide And Seek’ left a surprisingly strong impression. The plot has a few interesting twists and turns that keeps viewers constantly on the edge. The characters are interesting and especially Jennifer Tilly’s full-bodied play as the mentally challenged kidnapper is a feast. Combined with the cold and disturbing background of the story that is greatly enhanced by director Sidney J. Furie’s aggressive, in-your-face camera work, this thriller actually deserves to be seen. And there’s no better way to see it than on this DVD.