Here is the latest update on some titles coming from Anchor Bay Entertainment

After more or less regularly reporting on the status of the large number of DVD titles that are in development at Anchor Bay Entertainment, we thought it would be time to catch up and let you know what is going on there.

The production that receives the most attention at Anchor Bay still seems to be Supergirl. The 2-disc special edition has had some problems as it turned out that the initial transfer of the film had some anomalies. As a result, Anchor Bay had to re-transfer the entire movie in order to fix these problems, which obviously caused some headache. Nonetheless, things seem to be okay now and the disc is its way. It features a commentary track by the director, a new featurette by Danny Huston that runs almost an hour, a selection of trailers from across the world, some comic stuff as well as a booklet with replica of all the contest materials and drawings that surrounded the movie.

Anchor Bay recently also recorded the commentary tracks for the upcoming special editions of Hellraiser and Hellraiser 2: Helbound. Director/writer Clive Barker and main actress Ashley Laurence can be heard on the tracks and for the commentary of “Hellbound” they are accompanied by director Tony Randel.

Director Paul Verhoeven has just agreed to do a commentary track for Anchor Bay’s release of his 1983 thriller The Fourth Man. Anchor Bay will be releasing the film as part of a “Paul Verhoeven Collection”, which will also include some of the director’s early independent efforts like Soldier of Orange, Business Is Business, Turkish Delight and A Girl Named Katy Tipple. Chances are he may also be recording commentary tracks for some of these films.

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