DVDEmpire.com goes wireless with eCompare.com

DVDEmpire.com is extending its reach to wireless Web surfers by partnering with eCompare.com, a comparison shopping site with wireless access, and its Wireless Wednesdays promotion. Through this partnership, DVDEmpire.com will be able to offer potential customers the ability to purchase DVDs using their WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) enabled cellular telephones anywhere and at any time. In addition, DVDEmpire.com will be a featured DVD e-retailer on eCompare.com, going up against other online DVD retailers in a battle to provide the best merchandise at the best prices on the Web.

“DVDEmpire.com is excited about participating in this revolutionary concept for e-retailing,” said Steven Negri, Director of Marketing for DVD Empire.com. “The PC based Internet has made incredible changes in the way people shop for goods and services. Now, wireless access to the Internet has opened up entirely new possibilities for customer accessibility and satisfaction, and we are extremely excited to be part of this emerging new paradigm while continuing to provide our customers with the most efficient and positive buying experience possible.”

The promotion will be supported by eCompare.com’s Wireless Wednesday promotion. In conjunction with Top 40 radio stations in 15 major U.S. markets, eCompare.com will be giving away free wireless web cellular telephones to promote its wireless shopping initiative.

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