Daikin announces ReelDVD-Cinema Craft Encoder Lite bundle

Daikin U.S. Comtec Laboratories began shipping Custom Technology Corporation’s Cinema Craft Encoder (CCE) Lite with Daikin’s ReelDVD. CCE Lite is a simple yet powerful offline MPEG-2 encoder that is ideal for desktop NLE and DVD authoring solutions. With support for AVI and QuickTime files, the program features 4, 6 and 8 Mbps CBR encoding and includes both a standalone version and an Adobe Premiere plug-in for writing directly to MPEG-2.

Daikin’s ReelDVD combines professional-level software with a user-friendly interface and simple workflow. It is designed specifically for video and corporate applications to enable the integration of DVD and multimedia. The addition of the CCE Lite encoder enables non-linear editors and production houses to quickly move their AVI and QuickTime content directly to the ReelDVD authoring environment without the need to first transfer to tape.

“CCE Lite’s simple drag-and-drop interface matches well with that of ReelDVD to provide an easy-to-use and yet very flexible DVD authoring environment,” said Dr. Panos Nasiopoulos, director of marketing communications for Daikin U.S. “It’s a perfect fit for adding affordable DVD output to the thousands of non-linear video editing systems in use today.”

The ReelDVD-CCE Lite bundle is available immediately through Daikin distribution channels.

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