C-3DC-3D Digital announces stereoscopic imaging on DVD

Chequemate International Inc., d.b.a. C-3D Digital Inc. announced today the development of a single DVD that delivers both 2D and 3D programming. The zDVD enables consumers to view a program in either stereoscopic 3D or in 2D. This new DVD format also provides viewers with new options such as stereoscopic 3D menu functions, chapter points and special features. The zDVD meets all DVD standards and is fully compatible with existing DVD players. The zDVD combined with C-3D Digital’s proprietary zVISION, 2D to 3D conversion process, allows C-3D Digital to package and deliver recorded media of any type, from any format, as a stereoscopic 3D DVD product.

C-3D Digital is a leading innovator in media content creation and technology for 3D imagery and virtual reality entertainment for television and the Internet. The company operates several synergistic divisions including the C-3D Television Network, the world’s first and only broadcast network to offer 24-hours, 7 days a week stereoscopic 3D programming; 3D.COM, its Internet subsidiary and home to the virtual reality/3D portal/e-commerce community center on the Web; Strata Software, a leading producer of 3D graphic design software; and the Hotel Movie Network, a private broadcast network focused on the hospitality industry.

The Company’s Strata and Internet division combined to form the world’s first 3D virtual reality portal. The 3D.COM Virtual Reality Portal(TM) features streaming video over the Internet, real-time online gaming and e-commerce solutions in stereoscopic 3D. For more information, visit www.3d.com.

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