Butch and Sundance visit the X-Files – production mix-up at Fox

A mix up was most likely the problem with a few disc of 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment’s Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid. Some readers reported that when they tried to watch the movie after buying the DVD they were surprised to find episodes from the first season of The X-Files on the disc instead. Since both titles were released around the same time frame it appears as if some discs have accidentally been mixed up at the replication stage. These mix-ups can happen since at that point in production the discs are not yet labeled and are identifiable only through the information molten into the inner ring. The industry had seen earlier mix ups of this kind on a small number of occasions when Buena Vista’s “Pinocchio” disc contained the then-unreleased DVD version of “Saving Pricate Ryan” for example, as well as in a few other instances.

If you are the owner of such an obviously defective disc, you should have it replaced by your retailer. 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment has made stores aware of this problem and having them replaced should cause no trouble.

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