Anchor Bay Entertainment adds new titles to next year’s line-up

Anchor Bay Entertainment has just added a number new titles to their roster, which are losely sated for release for next year. As released on their website, here are some of the details.

Horror fans will be happy to know that Anchor Bay will be releasing some more Italian Horror next year. The Lamberto Bava film, Macabro will be coming next year, as well as Albert De Martino’s The antichrist (a.k.a. L’ Anticristo). More details will follow.

For those Spaghetti Western fans whose appetites were whetted by Anchor Bay’s Django & Django Strikes Again releases last fall, should be happy to know that 2001 will see the release of three more Italian Westerns. Keoma, A bullet For The General and Companaros will be released sometime during the middle of next year with more details to be posted later. The first Django film will also be re-released on a single disc sans Django Strikes Again.

Fans of Monty Python members Michael Palin and John Cleese can look forward to releases of three post-Python works to be released in 2001. Palin’s A Private Function and The Missionary and Cleese’s Privates On Parade will be released on DVD and VHS with dates and features have yet to be determined.

For the many Moonlighting fans who have wondered when additional episodes of the show would be released by Anchor Bay, I can report that in January 2001, there will be additional episodes released to DVD and VHS. Titles have yet to be determined, however the many suggestions and requests that have been sent in over the past months since our release of the “Moonlighting” Pilot have been taken into account and have been very appreciated.

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